A flexible, customized professional HR service designed for startups seeking to make that vital breakthrough. We will recruit the right people, create work routines and procedures, establish the right corporate culture, and set up a strong internal infrastructure while also advising managers and staff on various growth challenges.

What do we bring to the table?

For great results, you need to follow the right path

Step by Step

step 01.

Mapping needs – Identifying strategic requirements and selecting the most appropriate content types.

step 02.

Selecting a model suitable for HR services – In line with organizational needs.

step 03.

Building a work plan – Including implementing processes.

And there’s more

Professional Materials

Startups: The real challenge that no one’s talking about

A boutique consulting firm established in 2010 by Aya Lahmi, psychologist and organizational consultant.

Why HR is a crucial part of every startup team

Their word is their bond

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