Samantha Katz

Organizational consultant, specializes in leadership development that includes the promotion of interpersonal communication as a basis for increasing connectivity and effectiveness.

Samantha has significant experience in individual and group development processes and brings a rich background from the treatment, diagnosis, and training fields, team building and enhancement of integration and teamwork.

According to her worldview, every person deserves to feel a sense of belonging and meaning in relationships he/she create and experience in life in general, and in the workplace in particular. For most of her professional life she has been involved in interpersonal social communication and ways to promote it.

Samantha holds an a Master’s degree (MA) in Organizational Sociology and a BA in Communication Disorders. In addition, she has a certificate in art therapy.

Business Development and Customer Experience Manager

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Development processes and consulting for managers

Accompanying human capital processes

Consulting processes for growth startups

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