Improving Sales

Improving performance, processes and sales skills start with adapting the nature of sales to the organization. Whether your organization sells ideas, services, or products – the nature of your activity, market conditions, employee characteristics and management will determine the optimal sales method for you.

We will work together to formulate a plan to improve your sales system. Together with the sales managers, we will formulate a customized sales strategy and help them manage your employees, so that they may improve sales performance. Your teams and sales agents will obtain practical tools and innovative sales skills through hands-on experience.

Our Products
  • Improving Sales and Training of Field Personnel

    This process starts with understanding the challenges and potential of improving the existing sales system: the number of sales agents, their quality, incentive methods and goals, work procedures and control points, compared with actual needs. The process continues with adapting and implementing tools for improvement, while training and guiding the sales agents.

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  • Proactive Service: Improving Service by Expanding Sales

    This is a results-oriented process aimed at bringing about a change in the management and staff’s perception of service, with regard to their ability to increase sales, as part of their commitment to provide optimal and comprehensive service to their customers. The process is unique and adapted to the needs and nature of your organization’s activity – with personal attention to each employee, enhancing skills and assisting in implementation and long-term preservation of the skills.

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  • Establishing and Supporting Sales Centers

    Telemarketing and telemeeting, are a great way to market services and products.

    We specialize in designing, setting up and supporting call centers for appointments and sales. We accomplish the goals we set by formulating a work plan and budget, training employees and managers, retaining employees and providing dedicated sales tools.

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  • Sales Workshops

    We specialize in the field of complex sales, and we have extensive experience and know-how in working with service and sales representatives in the field and on the phone. We offer a wide variety of ongoing and single-day workshops according to your needs.

    Would you like to have better skilled salespeople in a shorter period of time?

    Tell us about your needs and we’ll offer the workshops to meet them!

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  • Brand Me

    Our Brand Me bundle was developed especially for managers and salespeople. Brand Me enables them to be more clear-cut and better market themselves and the company.

    In this day and age, when people are constantly filtering out unwanted messages, especially marketing messages, sales and marketing are becoming increasingly difficult. That said, the possibility of becoming a ‘purple cow’ in today’s business world and to dazzle your customers is within reach now more than ever.


    Who is the Brand Me bundle for?

    • Managers who want to have more impact on employees and processes;
    • Sales people who want to increase transactions and improve their quality;
    • Managers who want to improve their personal marketing skills;
    • Self-employed people who wish to improve their own marketing.
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