Objective Key Results

The OKR system brings the organization’s operations into focus, measures them, and makes the entire organization goal-driven.

Business strategy is implemented throughout the organization, ensuring its execution.

Working with this system offers added value to the organization by forming an organizational culture that helps the organization succeed in a dynamic marketplace.

The management selects the organization’s top-targets. With middle management, each department’s strategy is extracted from those targets. A work plan for each organizational function is formed accordingly, thus directing the entire organization towards a common goal.




  • Tried and true organizational focus
    Tried and true organizational focus

    OKR empowers you to focus company efforts on a few meaningful targets, ensuring their alignment with operations across departments.


    Focusing your organization’s operations with the resulting corporate culture enables you to set ambitious targets that will boost company growth when achieved.

  • Increased employee connectivity
    Increased employee connectivity
      1. when employees participate in setting goals and understand the direct link between their work and the company’s success, they gain a sense of purpose. They are more committed, active, and proactive in the effort to grow the company.


  • Effective measuring accelerates goal fulfillment
    Effective measuring accelerates goal fulfillment

    focus the organizational operation and focus measurement accordingly. Measuring only things that affect company strategy and primary objectives.

  • Interorganizational learning
    Interorganizational learning
      1. OKR-based work routines enable the organization to measure its progress throughout the process, to maintain relevance and ongoing improvement.


  • Teamwork and cross-department synchronization
    Teamwork and cross-department synchronization

    the transparent nature of OKR enables different departments in the company to assess operation in their interface points, detect dependencies and generate matches.

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