We are pleased to introduce Brand Me – a branding bundle developed especially for managers and salespeople. Brand-Me enables them to be more clear-cut and better market themselves and the company.

In this day and age, when people are constantly filtering out unwanted messages, especially marketing messages, sales and marketing are becoming increasingly difficult. That said, the possibility of becoming a ‘purple cow’ in today’s business world and to dazzle your customers is within reach now more than ever.


Who is the Brand Me bundle for?

  • Managers who want to have more impact on employees and processes;
  • Sales people who want to increase transactions and improve their quality;
  • Managers who want to improve their personal marketing skills;
  • Self-employed people who wish to improve their own marketing.
Our Products
  • Personal Program

    Two fascinating and practical sessions – a meeting with an organizational psychologist to map your organization’s strengths and hindering elements, and to formulate an applied action plan for correct branding. A meeting with a stylist specializing in business image, providing advice on proper appearance with an emphasis on a good first impression that goes well with the message you deliver, together with a professional photographer who instructs you how to get your picture right and produce effective business and professional branding.

  • Group Program

    Group sessions deal with the needs and gaps in the branding of participants according to their position in the organization. Participants will receive tools for self-branding through content, self-efficacy, body language, proper appearance and clothing, and photographs. The workshops will be delivered by an organizational consultant and a stylist or a photographer. These workshops enable salespeople to accomplish better achievements in closing deals, and enables managers to better influence employees and lead processes in their organization.

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