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In this day and age, developing your organization and employees is a must. But how do you reconcile developing your employees and organization as a whole, providing knowledge, tools along with growth and development opportunities, with adhering to a limited budget that does not allow long and deep processes?

What to do? Our solution is simple! Formulating a dedicated program and choosing knowledge, content and process workshops in fields where you wish to enrich and develop your employees and managers. The number of sessions and their contents will be exactly matched to your needs.

This 3-hour long workshop is for up to 20 participants.

* Each topic can be made into a lecture, up to an hour and a half, for a large audience.

Simply choose from our wide range of workshops:

Sales and Service

Phone Service And Sales Skills – Phone Skills

Sale Skills – Sales and Influence

Handling Objections – The Master Key

Decision Making – Managing On Thin Ice

Understating Types of Communication – Me, You and Them Are Different

Assertive Communication- Not A Servant, A Service Representative

Handling Pressure and Burn Out – Toiling with Fun

Self-Branding – Brand Me

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Time Management – A Slave of Time

Communication and Feedback – Dates with Employees

Employee Retention – Employees Looking for Meaning

Conflict Management – Arguing Correctly

Positive Thinking – Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Knowledge Sharing – Dilemma Coffee

Management Mentoring – The Manager as A Mentor

Sales Strategies – Your Treasure Map

Business Differentiation – A Taste For More

The perfect bite

  • a personal workshop

    What suits others doesn’t always suit you!

    That’s why we put aside raw materials to mix up unique bundles, especially for your organization.

    Our professional team of consultants will assist you in:

    * Understanding needs and adapting them to your target audience

    * Working with various tier executives

    * Developing unique content and training tools

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