HR UP Course

The leading professional course for HRBPs in startups and other hi-tech companies, focusing on various hot topics from the human resources world. The course consists of 5 morning sessions, with one session every two weeks, all of which are held at the AL Consultants offices in Tel Aviv. These sessions are held in a peer learning format among a group of 14 HR executives. The next course will begin on March 15, 2022.

What do we bring to the table?

For great results, you need to follow the right path

Step by Step

step 01.

Session 1 – HR Positioning – Tools for strengthening HR’s position as a strategic partner within the organization

step 02.

Session 2 – Employee Engagement & Retention – Planning and leading employee retention and development processes

step 03.

Session 3 – Executive Consulting – Tools and training to support senior executives

step 04.

Session 4 – Organizational Values – Establishing an effective corporate culture

step 05.

Session 5 – Building HR Processes – Driving organizational change

And there’s more

Professional Materials

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A boutique consulting firm established in 2010 by Aya Lahmi, psychologist and organizational consultant.

HR is a strategic department within the organization

Their word is their bond

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