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המפגשים נועדו להרחיב את היריעה הרעיונית עליה מבוססת תשתית ה- HR ולחבר בין רעיונות ואנשים שונים, שיוכלו לעורר בנו השראה ולקדם יצירתיות.
בכל מפגש תשמעו הרצאות קצרות מפי דוברים מרתקים מהתחום וכל זאת באווירה של בוקר, פתוחה ונעימה.
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Global community – Split Management

You might be surprised but,  80% (!!) of Israeli high-tech companies have another overseas office.

Thus, in most cases the company’s management is split between at least two countries.

Such a situation brings with it many internal corporate communication challenges – board members speak foreign languages, a time differences, a  completely different culture and physical distance that neutralizes the ability for informal coffee sessions.

 So how one actually run a company, and better yet, a very successful company?

At the conference on November 27th, Tufin unveiled its methods for doing so successfully and I, Aya Lahmi gave a fascinating lecture on the topic of split management, with many practices to adopt from day one.

Oops! you have missed this forum

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who we are

who we are

Aya Lahmi Consultants is an organizational consulting firm that assists organizations to generate and implement change processes and engagement processes through a deep understanding of the organization, ongoing research, and endless creativity.

Our firm specializes in organizational consulting for high-tech and start-up companies.

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our partners

our partners
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