Consulting for Startups

How do you manage a startup company in an ongoing routine of changes? How do you motivate employees and help them in the midst of change? How do you retain Generation Y and Generation Z employees? How do you remain attractive to them despite the abundance of temptations? We provide organizational consulting processes comprised of management consulting, personal guidance to managers and employee training especially for startup companies.

Our Products
  • Personal Support and Guidance for CEOs and Entrepreneurs

    The only thing that’s regular in a startup company is change. This means that there is no routine. Instead, there are constant changes that require swift adapting and focused response. How do you manage a startup company in a routine of ongoing changes? How do you generate a clear and positive internal communication? How do you motivate employees? How do you manage projects that constantly change? and how do you retain excellent employees despite the temptations outside? We have developed a unique consulting model for all of these management dilemmas, consisting of personal meetings with the CEO and management.

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  • Formulation and Assimilation of Organizational Culture

    Strengthening organizational foundations by defining your organization’s vision and choosing and implementing organizational values ​​will strengthen your organizational identity, improve intra-organizational communication and increase employee satisfaction.

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  • Supporting Human Resources Managers

    One of the challenges faced by HR managers is positioning themselves as business and strategic partners in the organization (HRBP). We specialize in personal support and guidance for HR managers with the aim of positioning them as an influential and leading factor in their organization.

    In addition, we hold unique forums, courses and conferences for HR managers, which enable them to develop professional skills and meet the highest standards.

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  • HR Services for Startups

    Most startups don’t need a senior HR manager, but rather require dynamic HR services that adapt as the company grows. For this reason, we established UP n’ UP – a dedicated service for startups which offers the services of an expert to support the organization’s goals with precision and determination.

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  • Support for Growing Startups

    Managing frequent and fast changes in a startup company is a big challenge – rapid growth, frequent hiring of new people and lack of routine make this particular challenge very unique.

    Aya Lahmi’s team of experts will put your organization in order, strengthen your infrastructure and restore control so that you may continue to grow.

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