Consulting for Insurance Agencies

With years of work and extensive experience in consulting for insurance agencies, we came to realize that the primary challenges they face are in streamlining office work and in providing services proactively. Therefore, we have created unique products and processes dedicated for insurance agencies.

Our Products
  • In-Sight

    In-Sight is a process that provides professional tools for efficient, powerful and profitable management. Frequent regulatory changes, changes and fluctuating motivation among employees, professional leadership but not necessarily managerial leadership, are common in insurance agencies. Our service focuses on organizing the agency, while understanding its business needs, adapting your premises to the agency’s objectives, and enhancing manpower capacities. The benefits of this program are an organization with well-managed work infrastructures, committed and satisfied employees, cost savings, streamlining of resources and innovative control and development tools.

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  • Increased Sales

    As any other agency, you probably wish to increase your agency’s monthly sales volume. A wise use of your agency’s human capital will result in a significant and immediate increase in sales and employee satisfaction. Aya Lahmi Consultants makes this happen through a well-structured and systematic process.

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  • Sale Centers Support

    Insurance agencies have a wide range of products that are sold over the phone. We specialize in formulating customized call scripts in accordance with changing regulatory requirements, professional support and guidance for your center’s manager, and on-the-job training for representatives.

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