Small and Family Business Consulting

We support our customers in maintaining their advantage and realizing their business potential, in a dynamic business climate, by implementing organizational processes and necessary changes. Our service is entirely personalized with full collaboration with you, through in-depth diagnosis, much creativity, vast experience and a variety of innovative tools.

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  • Small Business Consulting

    Managing a small business can be a big challenge. Let Aya Lahmi’s team of consultants drive your business forward. In an emotionally supportive and professional environment, you will practice setting goals, paving the way for growth, optimizing employee management, coping with challenges in a business partnership and providing added value to your customers.

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  • Family Business Consulting

    If you have a family business you probably know that managing one is getting more and more complex. This is due to a volatile mix of money, status and power with personal relationships. Statistics show that 60% of small businesses fail to pass from first to second generation. However, more than half the companies listed on stock exchanges are family businesses, and many of the most successful companies in the world are family businesses. The only factor that determines whether your business will succeed or merely survive is – you. Proper actions to introduce your children into your family business will make a significant difference both in your business and your family.

    Aya Lahmi Consultants’ team will work with you to formulate a long-term comprehensive work plan and will facilitate the integration of your successors into your business.

    See how present and future can come together for your business’s success

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