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Proper programing enables providing solutions for technological complexities and innovative developments. However, human mechanisms are not programmable. They are interwoven with emotions, aspirations, motives and conflicts. Your human capital, your employees, deserve additional solutions. Counseling, personal guidance and training are the tools that will enable managers, service representatives and sales people to cope and keep up with your organization’s evolvement and development.

Our Products
  • Organizational Development

    Aya Lahmi Consultants’ team of psychologists provides a wide range of services to lead your organization to success, including: support of organizational processes, streamlining work processes and core processes, improving the work of teams and managers, and maintaining organizational knowledge processes.

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  • Executive Development

    Managers are required to maneuver between employees and tasks, between strategic work and ongoing work, and between planning ahead and dealing with the unexpected. Our sessions for managers focus on each manager’s unique challenges, both emotional and practical, and provides them with a set of skills to turn them into outstanding managers, who empower and advance their employees, communicate efficiently and creatively, employ flexible and creative thinking and manage dynamic teams.

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  • Development of Human Resources Departments

    Aya Lahmi’s team of psychologists are experts in consulting to HR departments and assisting HR managers in implementing and managing organizational processes. We provide comprehensive consultation and guidance on organizational culture and values, assessment and feedback processes, management of change processes, mentoring processes, retention and motivation of employees, employee on-boarding processes and more.

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  • Supporting Growing Startups

    Managing frequent and fast changes in a startup company is a big challenge – rapid growth, frequent hiring of new people and lack of routine make this particular challenge very unique.

    Aya Lahmi’s team of experts will put your organization in order, strengthen your infrastructure and restore control so that you may continue to grow.

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