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3 Tips for Managing Global Teams

Some of the main challenges include not enough overlapping time during the day due to time zone differences, leading to weaker relationships and more miscommunication; lack of trust resulting from minimal face-time (in-person or virtual); and misunderstood communication styles stemming from cultural differences.     The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this […]

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OK WHAT…? O K R! The goal setting method that has executives on the edge of their seats

What is OKR? In a nutshell – a method for setting and measuring organizational goals. It was adopted by Google and many other giants such as Adobe and Dropbox. How does it work? The management selects 3-5 objectives, namely: annual overarching goals and strategies, which serve to focus all annual organizational activities. Middle-tier managers, examine […]

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Implementing OKR at Atera

What is OKR and where does it come from? OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a method for setting and measuring organizational goals. The management selects 3-5 objectives, namely: annual overarching goals and strategies, which serve to focus all annual organizational activities. These goals are ambitious, focused, and actionable. Why has OKR become such a […]

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OKR like a glove! Lusha’s story

LUSHA is a startup engaged in the field of DATA whose products enable salespeople and marketers around the world to reach prospective customers, shorten sales processes and close more deals. The company has thousands of users worldwide, including leading organizations such as Amazon, Google, and Oracle. Lusha, based in the center of Tel Aviv and established […]

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OKR for HR? Of course! Gett’s story

OKR is a method of setting goals and measuring them as part of the organizational strategy. In this way, the activities of the entire organization are focused on realizing the company’s goals. The method adapts itself to the specific needs of each organization and brings with it many benefits such as: employee engagement, the realization […]

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Hey boss, what do you think of my start-up?

Once you’re done with the hardships of recruitment and the onboarding period, comes the time to retain the human capital you worked so hard to gather. So you shower them with benefits and the best conditions you can think of, you take them out on vacations, and give them fat juicy paychecks. But will this […]

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Employee retention: urban legend or actual system?

Zappos, a hugely successful online store, never ceases to amaze the world, both with its unique management methods and with its excellent customer service. The key to their success is their employees’ strong sense of commitment to the organization. To get there, Zappos’s executives decided that employees will be regarded as business partners. This means […]

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Not a magic solution but definitely one that works – how career development programs change the rules

Many studies show a clear correlation between employees’ perception of the potential for personal and professional growth in the company and their degree of engagement, productivity and output. In other words, employees who feel they have no opportunities to grow in the company will most probably exhibit the obvious symptoms of a significant decrease in […]

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Help Them GROW – How to Turn “Survivor” Managers into Meaningful Mentors?

So let’s start with the most basic question – why? Why should managers be mentors for their employees? Much has been said about the importance of employee engagement, and it is now widely agreed that organizations should strive for a high level of employee engagement. Employee engagement serves as a foundation for employee retention, as […]

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Global Management: Intercultural Communication Gaps

The following story exemplifies this issue: A vice president of sales was hired by a global company. In the course of her work she spoke with an American salesperson who was a candidate for a position in her department. In their first interview she asked him about his ambitions and expectations for the coming year. […]

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