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The Do O.D. Meetup is a new and unique type of meetup consisting of a small group of organizational development managers. Each round of Do O.D. Meetups consists of four sessions that are held once a month at our office in Tel Aviv.

Each session begins with a presentation of the latest trends in the chosen topic and a review of examples from organizations, presentation of content and how it is implemented in organizations. The last segment of each session is dedicated to peer learning –  participants share and discuss issues from their organizations. The sessions will be led by an experienced organizational consultant with background from various organizations.

The purpose of the sessions:

Getting to know global trends · Obtaining tools and gaining professional knowledge · Exposure to organizational counseling processes · Opportunity to meet colleagues · Sharing dilemmas and challenges.


The program

Each session has its own theme based on the issues we deal with as part of our specialties. Here is our syllabus:

  1. Employee Assessment Processes (October 16, 2018):

Up-to-date principles of employee evaluations and feedback, with an emphasis on Y-generation employees.

  1. Generating a Culture and Values:

The importance of engagement with the organizational culture and the principles of forming one, with brilliant examples from around the globe.

  1. Macro-Organizational Processes:

Intra-organizational service processes and intra-organizational communication.

  1. Management Development Processes:

Essential principles for the implementation of executive development programs, using consulting skills and tools from the world of acting (plus a surprise).

These 4 sessions are held once a month and are 3 hours long each

Admission – NIS 1800 (Not including VAT)


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